“We gon’ love who we wanna love”

Jessie Reyez’ “Body Count” remix is the anthem we need in the age of shaming. 

“Body Count” dropped a few months ago, but was just recently picked up for a remix and is now a women-empowerment anthem. Jessie Reyez is joined by Normani and Kehlani on this new version of “Body Count” to say, once again, that as a woman, just as a man, your body is yours and it’s no one’s business what you do with it.

The track received much appreciation online in a time where shaming of all kinds seems to be a trend that just won’t end. “Body Count” focuses on women’s desires and how different the perception of sexually active women is, compared to men’s as Kehlani so elaborately puts it;

“if the tables turned and it was dollar signs per body, you would be one very rich and wealthy man”

The trio tackled many subjects on the track; gender-perception, sexual orientation, the lack of respect, shaming that women go through for simply having desires.

Just how needed is this track, it’s impossible to say but we dig it!

This entry was written by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, August 30, 2018

Credits: EligeAY

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