You Need To Calm Down, I need to calm down, we all need to calm down!

Taylor Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” puts me in a state of I can’t calm the f down!

The artist dropped the track as the second single from her upcoming album, Lover, due for release on August 23. “You Need to Calm Down” has some obvious main themes, namely, inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community and letting people live their lives. The visual directed by Swift herself and Drew Kirsch comes to emphasize that message even more. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community, pushing the message of love and to everyone’s shock; putting squabbles and quarrels in the past with Katy Perry’s cheeseburger cameo.

The visual is so rich in imagery and has some very familiar faces in it. From Hayley Kiyoko to Ellen DeGeneres, through Ryan Reynolds, RuPaul, Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Ciara, Jessy Tyler Ferguson, and the cast of Queer Eye, many people seem to join Taylor’s efforts of pushing equal rights and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, to whom this song has become an anthem. The video, appropriately released during Pride Month, even ends with Taylor asking fans to sign the petition supporting the Equality Act. 

Easter Eggs were everywhere as per TT™ (Taylor Tradition). We see the number 13 highlighted in many instances, namely on that very quick hand-watch Tay is sporting. Ryan Reynolds is seen painting the landmark where LGBTQ+ protests started in 1969. Hayley Kiyoko aims a dart at a “5,” which could signal a collab on track number 5, or simply emphasizing how emotional the track would be, also as per TT? But for most fans, the collab that may or may not happen and change the world includes the bottle of pink Champagne next to the blender; (do I hear Ariana Grande somewhere there?)

Jumping into the food fight; Taylor, dressed as French fries, is lost between protesters and so much whipped cream and frosting that she starts searching for a familiar face and there we see it, a cheeseburger Katy Perry *cue tears.* The two stars embrace and prove that love conquers all and that fries before guys (dancers).

Fans were wondering about this sweet salty-food reunion and why the particular choice of costumes, which Taylor cleared up in a phone call with BBC’s Radio 1 Greg James.

Taylor and Katy possibly have a collaboration coming since both are releasing music this year and the flames of reconciliation are burning bright enough to bake peace cookies. 

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