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This week’s “Your Playlist; Us getting to know you” section is all about EDM.

Last week, we had a break up playlist suggested by one of our listeners. This week, we received an awesome musical escapade by one of our friends.

In every group, there’s always that one person who’s in charge of music. They introduce the group to new music and always have the perfect set that fits the mood of the hangout. According to his email, Roy is considered to be that person by his friends. He shared with us some of his favorite sets and described the situation where each one fits best. Roy disclosed that these sets aren’t all curated by known artists or well-known artists and he’s no musical expert but a fan sharing his love for music.

1. E L E M E N T S | Mix Series Episode VI by Jonas Rathsman

 “This one is a good chill set and a good introduction to the world of Jonas Rathsman.
Be sure to check out his ELEMENTS mix series and I will give an honorable mention to Episode IX”

I have this one playing as I’m writing this article and it’s a pretty mellow listen. I had the opportunity to witness Jonas in Berlin once and I have to say, it was an amazing musical experience.

About the artist: Jonas Rathsman is a Swedish producer and graphic designer. He started organizing parties and playing music at the age of 18 and has since worked with artists like Disclosure and Sam Smith.

2. Guy’s Bar- Aug 11 by Mantra

“Hardcore party set for your hardcore party needs”

If you’re chilling with a bunch of friends, this isn’t the best thing to play but if you want to move for a couple of hours, this set is for you.

3. All Hope is Gone. by ❂ Nezar  ❂

“There is truly no Hope for you to resist this set 🔥”

This set is mainly techno and you’re in for a treat if you’re a fan.

4. Listen to Meaningful Nonsense by Jøud

“A chance to support local talent! Chill set that takes some unexpected turns”

You read what the man said, this one makes twist after twist and has you moving even if you’re sitting down.

About the artist: His SoundCloud bio practically says it all: “I like my techno so loud, I can’t hear my thoughts.”

5. 002 Fernstrøning – Higher State by Sebastian Fernstrøning

“German music at its finest! More uppy than the usual German selection”

The only thing I have as a comment on this is that I couldn’t stop listening…

6. Oliver Sylo Live @ Burning X Festival Freiburg by Oliver Sylo

“Don’t let the number of likes fool you… This set is lit”

7. Riptide Soundsystem – Live At Springtij | Off the Hook by Springtij Event

“Off the Hook indeed”

8. Listen to Africa by Hararesque

“Perfect for a mellow turn down”

So there you have it! Some of Roy’s favorite sets. If you enjoyed this one, head over to his SoundCloud and check out the likes section for similar tracks and sets.

If you have a nice playlist you feel like the world should listen to, share it with us on [email protected] and be part of “Your Playlist; Us getting to know you.” If you have a musical talent, post it to Instagram and use the hashtag #VRLMusicMonday and you might end up being our musical feature for the week.

This entry was provided by Roy Hajj and edited by Elige Abou Youness for Virgin Radio Lebanon and Laughing Might Help, September 13, 2018.

Credits: EligeAY

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