Zaina and Boudy are listening to Peer Pressure

Julia Michaels is the gift that keeps on giving so now she’s jumped on a heart-melting track with James Bay. 

The singer/song-writer lends her vocals to James Bay’s recently released, incredibly relatable “Peer Pressure.” 

The track focuses on the difficulty in opening up your heart to someone new and letting the walls down but eventually doing so when the right person presents themselves. “I don’t usually give in to peer pressure / But I’ll give in to yours” the two belt out bringing the best of their vocals which blend in the most harmonious way and make their way straight to your heart. You will give in for this “Peer Pressure.” 

Both artists expressed their feelings about the song and how they both relate to it, just like the rest of us do in this day and age. Bay focused on meeting the right person and how that particularly affects a person; 

“I think it can be easy to stay very guarded in life, and not let anybody in, past your personal armor. These guards we all put up every day for different reasons. In writing ‘Peer Pressure,’ Julia and I wanted to talk about how, when the right person comes along, they can break through any armor and with love, get straight to you. It’s about that person who, no matter how much of a guard you hold up, finds their way through to you.”

While Michaels focused on the experience of the writing process with James. 

“Writing ‘Peer Pressure’ was a great collaborative experience because we had so much fun in the studio and the song came from a place we could both relate to. I love the song so much and I hope fans connect to it as much as we do.”

We most certainly did, Julia!! 

Both James and Julia are opening at two of the biggest tours this coming March; James Bay for Ed Sheeran and Julia Michaels for Pink! 

Credits: EligeAY

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