Zaina and Boudy want you to listen to Bebe Rexha’s Last Hurrah

Bebe Rexha’s “Last Hurrah” is here with a futuristic lyric video to portray its futuristic aspect.

“Last Hurrah” sees the singer belting out the track about quitting it all, the smoking, the playing, the joking, and the dating, as two AI-generated figures go through the struggles. The black and red visual is mesmerizing to look at as the words of the song float in a minimal digital font.

Rexha wants one last hurrah before quitting all the good things in life/vices? And she wants it to be big before she stops it all, the coming day. “Last Hurrah” is literally the description of that last hurrah she wants before alienating herself from all the things she lists throughout the track. It’s a truly relatable track and the visual is extremely appealing.

“Last Hurrah” marks Bebe Rexha’s first release of the year… we hope there’s more to come!

Credits: EligeAY

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