Zaina and Boudy’s music video choice: Dancing With A Stranger

Sam Smith and Normani deliver astonishing moves and dry faces in “Dancing With A Stranger.”

The track was released prior to the video and we had our sweet to fall in love with it. The “Dancing With A Stranger” visual was directed by Vaughan Arnell and was released on January 29.

It sees both of Sam and Normani trying to find dates for the evening after being obviously hung up on their exes.

They use a very futuristic version of Tinder, still swiping right and left but to moving holograms of potential dates instead of simple photos. The holograms soon come out of their frames and are dancing around Sam whose face does not move as he stares forward. Normani does the same routine but soon shifts into an expressive dance routine in an empty room. 

We really hope to see more collaborations between Sam Smith and Normani because “Dancing With A Stranger” is a winner! 

Credits: EligeAY

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